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DCI recommends the following books and software on subjects related to our services.

As consultants, we aim to help you make the right decision each time you select an item to add to your collection. We recommend only those offerings we believe to be the finest available.

If you find our assistance to be of value, remember to return to this page each time you begin your search for a new library or software acquisition of any kind. Make all your future acquisitions through DCI, whether or not they are related to our services.

Here's How

To help ease your acquisition process, we have established an online association with Amazon booksellers. Here's how it works:

  • There are five lists, one for software and four for books. The five lists are grouped by subject area, as follows:

  • Click one of the the preceding links and you will visit the page containing the list.
  • Browse list until you find an item that's relevant to your area of interest.
  • Stop to read our comments.
  • When you find an item that may meet your needs, click the image associated with it. A new page at Amazon will open giving you details, including purchase price and availability.
  • If you decide to purchase the item, place it in your Amazon shopping cart.
  • Return to this page and search for more items to acquire.
  • When finished, go back to the Amazon page. Add anything else you want to buy to your cart. Then check out.

We hope the resource lists help you find the right information resources for your needs.

More About Resources

  • If you think you might buy a publication but don't find it on our list, feel free to send us an email. To send email, click: Should I buy this book?
  • We'll reply by email. And we'll add your book to our list if we think it belongs there.
  • Return to this page from time to time to see new listings we add in this way.

A Way to Express Your Appreciation

  • Our association with Amazon extends beyond books. Return to this page as often as you like for all your shopping needs, whether or not you intend to purchase an item on our resources list.
  • Whenever you plan a visit Amazon to purchase an item of any kind, exercise the option to start from this page by clicking the Amazon icon at the right.


  • Visit Amazon as often as you like during the 24 hour period after your first click-through. You don't have to click through again for your visit to count.
  • After that, start your visit to Amazon from here (see above).


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